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Why did we switch from REMAX to eXp Realty?

​After doing a lot of research we discovered that eXp Realty is extremely tech savvy!  Which is so important in today’s market.​  This helps get your listings in top searches online for buyers to find your home better. 

 W​hat eXp Stands for​?

Glenn Sanford Essentially finding a name which is available on a national basis isn’t the easiest exercise however when looking at various names and then letter combinations eXp fit because it really is the prefix for a lot of great words. eXperts, eXposure, eXpansion, eXponential, eXplore, etc… Also there was no preconceived ideas as to what eXp meant which we believed would help us define ourselves as opposed to having images floating around about what eXp meant…It’s not an acronym, but it the “prefix” of real estate

​What does this change mean to me as a Team Smith client?

Our great service that you have learned to love will remain the same and we will gain extra tools to help you throughout your home buying/selling process.​ ​Our website​ address (​​​www.teamsmithsells225.com​), our experience, our love of our jobs and our passion for our clients still remain the same. Team Smith is the same team! We are just now supported with more technology through EXP.

 ​What is Team Smith’s new office location?

We have moved right up the Boulevard from our old office to 4600 Sherwood Common Blvd, Suite 404, Baton Rouge, LA 70816.  So still just as convenient to you to help you with all your real estate needs.

 How do I contact Team Smith’s main office?

Main Office Phone Number​:​ 225-953-8889
​Office Fax Number:​ 225-953-8858
​Website: ​​www.teamsmithsells225.com
Email: TeamSmithSells225@gmail.com